The first quantum computer designed for commercial applications

On the occasion of CES 2019, which is being held in Las Vegas these days, IBM presented Q System One , the first quantum computer that can be used for commercial applications (ie that can be used by researchers and developers).

In implementing it, IBM has taken into account both the very special needs that must be kept in mind to create a quantum computer of both aesthetics.

Inside a sealed glass cube is the heart of the system, which could easily pass through a sort of modern art candelabra : a 50 qubit computer whose core, to work, must be kept at the temperature constant of 10 milliKelvin (just above absolute zero ) and protected from vibrations, otherwise the information stored by the qubits will be lost.

The de cube design was entrusted to the Goppion studio in Milan, which built it in collaboration with the Map Project Office and the Universal Design Studio, both British companies.

Goppion is the company that has also created the case that protects the Mona Lisa at the Louvre and the one that houses the Jewels of the English Crown in London.

But what is most interesting is the possibility of using the Q System One calculation capacity for concrete applications.
The example exhibited in Las Vegas , to tell the truth, is not fully functional but the goal is to make available the system’s features through remote access, as happens with the traditional resources of cloud computing systems .

Developers and researchers can then use the peculiar web service characteristics of a quantum computer from their workstations.


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